What will the consumer demand twelve years in the future? What new requirement will industry have?

What will favorite use for potatoes be, such as...

  • French Fries?
  • Flour?
  • Potato Chips?
  • Pasta?
  • Dinner Table?
  • Glue?

How are you going to satisfy that need when the wide array of variables make your decisions almost staggering?

The following pages will give you a glimpse of what is required to stay ahead of the continuing demand for tastier, better, and more durable potatoes.

The best way to demonstrate the complexity facing the potato breeder is to tell you that the amount of genes that potatoes have are similar in number to humans (48). This is astounding when you realize that the average animal has only 8. Look what kind of variation that is possible in animal breeding, now multiply that exponentially and you get the idea. Ultimately of course, these things are in the hands of the Creator.

We are back to choices... which potato plants to pollinate with which and where do you start?


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