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In 2001 the Felsina potato proved again that it was capable of producing a high yield in a short growing season. This short growing season was the cause of many crop failures of later maturing potatoes.

Follow growing instructions to achieve optimum results. Cultivation of Potatoes Based on Dutch Conditions 1999

Rather early

Seed Treatment
Felsina can be planted with small white buds. Pre-sprouting is not necessary. Sometime a heat treatment before planting is needed, when the seed tubers are still in dormancy. Hardly susceptible to sprout damage and “little potatoes”.

Requires a rather heavy N-fertilization.
Note: A divided dose is advised. More than an average potassium- fertilization is recommended.

Felsina gives best results on fertile soils with a good structure. Felsina can be planted rather early. When Felsina is grown for the French fries industry the distance between the plants should be about 2 cm narrower than the distance between the plants of the variety Bintje.
When grown for the fresh consumption the distance between the plants can even be more narrow. Planting depth somewhere under the ground level is recommended to avoid green tubers. Make sufficient and regular irrigation to prevent to early ripening. Felsina is hardly susceptible to second growth and seems to be only slightly susceptible to Sencor.

Felsina is slightly susceptible to mechanical damage and hardly susceptible to internal bruising. Avoid mechanical damage. If the tubers are lifted with care, harvest does not need to cause many problems. If Felsina is cultivated for the fresh consumption it is advisable to harvest the potatoes rather early, before all the foliage has dries off. In that way the skin remains smooth and bright.
Note: If cultivated for the French fries industry, it is advisable to harvest at a more mature stage.

Felsina has a moderate dormancy. Storage temperature should be kept constant; not below 7C to maintain the processing quality. A sprout inhibitor might be needed. Storability comparable with Bintje.

Felsina is resistant to potato cyst nematodes Ro1 + Ro4 (A). Moderately susceptible to foliage blight and fairly resistant to tuber blight. Slightly susceptible to PVY and PLRV. Felsina is moderately resistant to common scab.

Felsina is a slightly mealy cooking consumption variety with nice bright tubers and a good dry matter content. Felsina is very suitable for the French fires industry.

Felsina - Variety Description Based on Dutch Conditions 1999
  • Parentage: Morene x Gloria (1980)
  • Breeder: S. Brunia, Kraggenburg. (Flevoland)
  • General Resistant to Foliage development: 7,5
  • Golden nematode: Ro1+Ro4
  • Maturity: 7
  • Wart disease: SS
  • Color of flower: white
  • Common scab: 6
  • Color of skin: light-yellow
  • Internal heat necrosis: 8
  • Color of flesh: 6,5
  • Foliage blight: 5,5
  • Shape of tubers: long-oval
  • Tuber blight: 7
  • Regularity of shape: 7
  • Fusarium: 5,5
  • Shallowness of eyes: 7,5
  • Leafroll virus: 6,5
  • OWG: 430 (VERY HIGH)
  • Number of tubers: 7,5
  • Virus-Yn: 6
  • Size of tubers: 7,5
  • Virus-X: 8
  • Uniformity of size: 7,5
  • Virus-A: 9
  • Yield, early: 8
  • Internal bruising: 7,5
  • Yield, mature: 7,5
  • Mechanical damage: 6,5
  • Dormancy: 6,5
  • Drought: 7
  • Dry matter content: 22,4
  • Second growth: 8
  • T.G.A. (mg/100 gr): 7
  • Cooking type: BC
  • Discolor cooking: 8
  • French fries: 8
  • Crisps (December): 6
  • Crisps (May): 5,5

A high figure stands for a favorable development of the concerning characteristic. Early maturity, rapid foliage development, yellow flesh, shallowness of eyes, a large number of tubers, big size of tubers, uniformity of size, a good dormancy, no Discolor after cooking and a good quality for French fries and crisps are also marked with a high figure.

Resistance: R - Resistant; SS - Slightly Susceptible; S - Susceptible

To achieve optimum results and for more information about the Felsina variety as in growing instructions,  caring for and yields it is strongly recommended to contact us.

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