Morene - Cultivation of Potatoes Based on Dutch Conditions 1999

Growers experience the most consistent* profit with Morene potatoes.
This variety grows very good in dry conditions.

Follow growing instructions to achieve optimum results.

Rather late / late

Seed Treatment
Pre-sprouting and heat treatment are recommended due to rather long dormancy period.

Requires a moderate N-fertilization, less than the variety Bintje. A divided dose is recommended.

Morene gives good results on all kind of soils with a good structure. Do not plant Morene too early. Planting depth just below ground level. Rapid emergence and rather quick, early development, covering the soil very well in a later stage.

Morene as rather few stems and a rather low tuber number per plant. A more narrow planting distance in comparison with Bintje is recommended. Morene has a rather early tuber initiation.

Haulm killing before harvest is recommended. Morene is hardly susceptible to internal bruising and mechanical damage. If the tubers are lifted with care at maturity, harvest does not need to cause problems. Mother-tubers should be removed before storing.

Morene has a good dormancy and stores well. Good ventilation during storage is recommended.

Resistant to potato cyst nematodes R01 + Ro4 (A). Only slightly susceptible to foliage blight and tuber blight.

Morene is fairly resistant to common scab. Drought resistance is rather good.

Morene is a high yielding consumption variety with oval to long-oval tubers and creamy flesh color. Slightly mealy texture. Especially suitable for the processing industry in Europe.

Morene - Variety Description Based on Dutch Conditions 1999
  • Parentage: Renova x SVP AM 66 42 (1971)
  • Breeder: S. Brunia, Kraggenburg. (Flevoland)
  • General Resistant to Foliage development: 8
  • Golden nematode: Ro1+Ro4
  • Maturity: 4,5
  • Wart disease: S
  • Color of flower: red-purple
  • Common scab: 7,5
  • Color of skin: light-yellow
  • Internal heat necrosis: 6,5
  • Color of flesh: 5
  • Foliage blight: 6
  • Shape of tubers: oval
  • Tuber blight: 7,5
  • Regularity of shape: 8
  • Fusarium: 7,5
  • Shallowness of eyes: 8
  • Leafroll virus: 7,5
  • Number of tubers: 7
  • Virus-Yn: 5
  • Size of tubers: 8
  • Virus-X: 6
  • Uniformity of size: 8
  • Virus-A: r
  • Yield, early: 7,5
  • Internal Bruising: 8
  • Yield, mature: 9
  • Mechanical Damage: 8,5
  • Dormancy: 7,5
  • Drought: 7,5
  • Dry matter content: 21,5
  • Second Growth: 8
  • T.G.A. (mg/100 gr): 7
  • Cooking type: C
  • Discolor cooking: 6,5
  • French fries: 7,5
  • Crisps (December): 5,5
  • Crisps (May): 5

A high figure stands for a favorable development of the concerning characteristic. Early maturity, rapid foliage development, yellow flesh, shallowness of eyes, a large number of tubers, big size of tubers, uniformity of size, a good dormancy, no Discolor after cooking and a good quality for French fries and crisps are also marked with a high figure.

Resistance: R - Resistant; SS - Slightly Susceptible; S - Susceptible

To achieve optimum results and for more information about the Morene variety as in growing instructions,  caring for and yields it is strongly recommended to contact us.